How can I order Plastika’S CATALOGUE?

Plastika’s catalogue and other brochures can be downloaded from our website. To order a printed copy, call 1-888-846-4419.

Where are Plastika products sold?

All product are sold through Plastika representatives and agents in Canada and the United States. Contact us at 1-888-846-4419 to find a representative/agent in your area.

How can I get a quote/pricing on Plastika products?

1. By email, click on contact us and specify which products you need a quote in the “your message” section, or
2. By calling a Plastika representative in your area. To locate a representative, call 1-888-846-4419.

What are GPL Tradition products made of?

The majority of our products are made of high-density polyurethane that matches the density and texture of white pine. Flexible polyurethane is used to produce custom curved pieces and fiberglass-reinforced polymer is used for tapered round columns.

Why should I choose Plastika polyurethane products for my home?

Unlike other type of material (wood, mdf, plaster, etc), polyurethane:

• Resists moisture, fungus, climactic changes, and insect infestations.
• Does not require stripping before repainting.
• Paint never chips or flakes because polyurethane does not absorb water!
 Low maintenance, polyurethane is much easier to maintain than wood.
• Ideal for the exterior, but can also be used for interior finishing.
• Light and flexible, polyurethane ornaments are easy to install.
• Never splits during installation (nails, screws…).
• Perfectly matches the prestigious look of wood, plaster, and fibreglass.
• Ecological product: using polyurethane instead of wood saves the world’s trees.

Are Plastika products painted?

Yes. Unlike other polyurethane products offered with a basic primer, Plastika products are coated with a high quality white finishing paint for no additional charge. Our products can also be painted in standard or custom colour using a high quality latex or acrythane paint.

Can I order Plastika products with a basic primer only?

Yes. If the homeowner wants to apply a finishing colour paint after purchase, Plastika products should be ordered with a basic primer for a greater adherence of the finishing paint. Please advice your representative if you need products covered with a basic primer only (no finishing paint applied on products).

How should I prepare the surface of Plastika products before painting?

Before painting Plastika products, lightly scuff the factory primer with a fine grit sand paper or steel wool (soft scotch brite), and clean surfaces with a lint free cloth. For exterior applications, we recommend the use of high quality exterior paint.