Why Choose Sereny Stone Cladding?

20 Year Limited Warranty
SerenyStoneTM products are covered 20 year limited warranty. Click here to read the full warranty.



An excellent alternative to masonry!
SerenyStoneTM products are made of biobased content high density polyurethane (15-18 pounds/cubic foot): a solid, long-lasting and stable material that accurately reproduces the appearance of natural stone sidings, while being easy to install and maintenance-free.


ResistantResistant Over the Years
Designed for exterior use, our claddings are made of materials designed to resist the climate conditions to which our homes are exposed. In addition to being solid and lightweight, our products are waterproof, resistant to moisture and UV-rays, and provide thermal insulation values of R-3/inch.


Facile à installerEasy to Install
Our faux stone panels are light, making them easy to handle and transport. What’s more, they can be installed easily with basic wood tools: perfect for do-it-yourself projects if you have basic carpentry skills.


Rapide à installerInstalls Quickly
Due to their ease of installation, our claddings take much less time to install than regular masonry materials. In addition, the surface covered by our panels is larger and installation requires fewer steps and preparation.


Économies d'installationInstallation Savings
The ease and speed of installing our cladding products translates into major savings. In addition, there is no need for the services of a mason, which significantly reduces installation costs.


Apparence authentiqueAuthentic Appearance
Our products offer high quality finishes and provide a truly authentic look and feel of natural stones by their colours and textures. Available in a wide variety of colours, each panel is unique and hand-painted, and each model was designed to avoid pattern repetitions, thus offering a result as natural as real stone. You get beautiful results with astonishing realism.