Why Choose Plastika Ornament?

Icones5An Excellent Wood Alternative!
Matching the density and texture of white pine, our products are made of high density biobased content polyurethane, Cellular PVC and wood-like synthetic materials. These are just as resistant and virtually worry-free.


Icones1Easy and Ready to Install
Our products are delivered ready to install: preassembled and painted in our plant. They are easy to install with simple wood tools without splitting.


Our products are easy to maintain and can simply be cleaned with household products.


Icones2Unmatched Finish
Our products replace wood outdoors perfectly while providing a quality of finish that is comparable to fine interior woodwork.


Icones6Resistant Over the Years
Designed for outdoor use, our products are resistant to mold, climatic changes and insect infestations. The paint does not chip or flake as our products don’t absorb water!


Icones8Colour Paint – Unlimited Choices, 10 Year Warranty
In addition to the wide choice of standard colours offered with our ultra-resistant finishing paint, we also create customized colours from your samples. Our dark colour paints reflect the heat of the sun and thus protects your products against warping.


Icones4Custom Products
Whether it is to reproduce an original model, to create a piece from a technical drawing or to modify a standard product to fit your project, anything is possible!


Icones3An Impeccable Service
From taking on-site measurements to selecting a paint colour, our team assists you every step of the way. We also follow-up to ensure that you meet your project deadlines.