Why Use Polyurethane and Cellular PVC?

High Quality Raw Materials

Plastika Group offers you worry-free architectural ornaments. Our designs have high reliability and they meet your current needs as well as your lifestyle. We manufacture products that have the look of wood but are far more durable and easy to maintain. They are made of materials designed to resist the climate conditions to which our homes are exposed, and they do not require a fresh coat of paint each year. Discover the advantages of our high quality materials.

Biobased Content High Density Polyurethane

Our polyurethane products have similar properties to wood while being more practical. They can be worked with the same tools. They are as solid (with a density varying between 15 to 18 pounds per cubic foot depending on the product), but are much simpler to maintain. Polyurethane foam is mainly used for its thermal insulation properties and its lightness. This material is therefore ideal for producing durable ornaments.

Ideal for: Since polyurethane products are molded, this material is ideal for products that have a lot of fine detail. Also, polyurethane is lighter than cellular PVC.

High Density Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC differs from traditional PVC by its cellular structure, making it twice as light. This material has a very rigid structure, can be cut easily with simple woodworking tools, and can be shaped or curved with the help of a heat gun.

Ideal for: Cellular PVC makes it easy to produce very straight and linear pieces thanks to the extrusion process. This material is also ideal for curved pieces and is less expensive than polyurethane. However, the ability to create fine details with this material is rather limited.

Advantages of Biobased High Density Polyurethane and High Density Cellular PVC

Polyurethane and Cellular PVC: A Perfect Mix!

Polyurethane and cellular PVC are perfect for architectural ornaments because they are durable, easy to install and maintenance-free. Our expertise and experience enable us to combine these two materials when making ornaments in order to offer you high quality products at even more competitive prices.