Colour Inspiration

20 July 2015

20Colour Inspiration

Bromont_100 Compton4
Columns painted in a shade of the siding colour palette create a subtle contrast with the house.

These white columns stand out and look stunning on this dark red brick siding.



Painting mouldings and ornaments in a fresh white gives architectural features greater impact. Whites look stunning with all colours, and will reach true perfection when combined with siding colours that have a boldness and strength of their own.


Riv Beaudette_930 Émile12
This white on white combination of mouldings and siding conceals the architectural ornaments instead of bringing them out.

Natural white is a classic solution but you can use a colour two shades lighter or darker than that on the siding to create a subtle contrast. However, keep in mind that using colours similar to your siding (just a shade lighter or darker) will conceal your architectural elements.


Accent colours, often used in Victorian style homes, can be used on shutters, architectural detailing, or balustrades to provide a very different look.


Tip for choosing moulding and ornament colour: Stay true to your individual style and to the original colour scheme for your type of home. Painting a colonial style home with several Victorian-inspired colours will only make the house stand out, rather than look smart and stylish.

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