Whether your project is simple or complex, Plastika Industrial shapes your ideas.

The Plastika Industrial division has been at the heart of Plastika Group since the very beginning. It was developed thanks to the expertise and the incredible ingenuity of our team. They developed leading-edge technologies in the molding process of custom polyurethane parts for companies working in all sectors: refrigeration and ventilation, retail trade, insulation, hospitality industry, etc. Plastika Industrial provides a 4-step manufacturing process: design and development, molding, manufacture, finish and paint. The entire process is completed in close collaboration of the client and tailored to their requirements.


Possible applications and projects



Discover all the advantages of Plastika polyurethane for your industrial designs:



With its 35 000 sq. ft. factory and leading-edge equipment, Plastika Industrial can make your designs a reality, adhering to strict timelines without compromising quality. Working at maximum capacity, we can produce hundreds of polyurethane parts each day.


Icone no1Custom design and development

Plastika Group’s creative experts are on hand to help you design your product. They find innovative solutions to develop the product best adapted to your needs. We can use your technical drawings, provide a custom, in-house design or work according to your master parts.


Icone no2Molding

Thanks to its years of experience and upgrading, Plastika Group has developed expertise in the molding industry that has made it a leader in Québec, ready to deliver the most complex orders. We can manufacture molds in-house, without having to rely on outsourcers. Our qualified team is also able to make master parts based on your designs and specifications.


Icone no3Manufacture

Plastika Industrial manufactures the desired product based on plans established during the first step. Backed by its years of experience and know-how, Plastika masters the production methods, uses the right tools and procedures, accurately assesses the quantity of materials and understands the optimal demolding schedules required to obtain uniform finished products. Product quality is monitored throughout the manufacturing process, entirely conducted and supervised in our factory.


Icone no4Finish and paint

Ranging from parts requiring little finish detail to a product that requires an impeccable finish, Plastika guarantees a reliable and superior result that meets your expectations. Paint makes our product more resistant and offers a customized appearance, thanks to a variety of colors and finishes, including a wood stain finish that offers surprising results.


Plastika Industrial design products are used by:

We continue to invest in research and development in order to offer the best industrial solutions for our clients. Our 35 years of experience guarantee results adapted to your needs, results that will exceed expectations, regardless of the size of the project.

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