Along with high quality products made in Canada, Plastika also offers a variety of value-added services to meet the exact needs of every project.

White Finishing Paint

A white 100% acrylic high quality finishing paint is applied to all of our polyurethane products at no additional cost and with a 3 year limited guarantee against yellowing. This ecological and resistant paint requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean.

Coloured Finishing Paint

All of our products can be ordered in your choice of colour (additional costs apply). A vast choice of standard colours is offered. We can even customize a colour based on your samples. Acrythane industrial quality paint is used to ensure the resistance and longevity of the products. It greatly simplifies washing and increases resistance. Applied by spray gun, this catalyzed paint (also used in the automobile industry) has a semi-gloss finish that reflects 30-40% of the light. With a 10-year guarantee against yellowing, flaking or blistering, Acrythane paint is ideal for applying dark colours because it reflects the heat of the sun, protecting your products against any risk of warping. Over the years, a slight reduction in the gloss of the paint will enhance its wood-like appearance.


Balustrade systems (railings and balusters) can be ordered preassembled at the factory. This ensures the quality and durability of the parts assembly, and brings big savings on installation.

All Plastika products can be custom built, with a technical drawing made by our team of professionals according to the specific sizes and shapes of your project. Custom-designed products can be made from your own original model or technical drawing. For more complex or larger scale projects, our experts can also take measurements on location, to ensure that the product fits perfectly with true dimensions.


Curved Cellular PVC and Polyurethane: A Unique Service

As well as making curved pieces of all sizes, Plastika has used its know-how to develop a special technique for curving rigid polyurethane. This material enables the creation of pieces with complex design and has multiple advantages which make it a high quality product. We can use this technique to create items in a great variety of shapes to meet your needs.

Our team of experts keeps up with the latest trends. We can guide you in your choice of products and colours, and help you select those best suited to your design concepts and specific needs. With a great range of products that can be personalized, we can shape your ideas accurately.

Architects and designers, please note that our products are available in 2D and 3D CAD format. To get these versions, ask for a CD or visit our website (Products section).

Always in the vanguard of new market trends, the Plastika team developed an exclusive technique to achieve a wood-stain effect on synthetic products.  All of our products with the Frontier texture can be stained in a choice of 8 colours: the result is surprisingly wood-like! With a 10-year guarantee against yellowing, flaking or blistering, this stain can be applied on columns, decorative beams, and gable ornaments. No maintenance is required. Compare that to wood products!

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Faux wood stain_Couleur de teintures