2020 New Products at Plastika

21 February 2020

The development of new products at Plastika Group is at the heart of our vision: Shape Your Ideas. Each year, inspired by our customers’ requests, our team has created products to meet your needs. We are proud to present our new 2020 products. If you are unable to find the product you’re looking for, give us a call as our team will do their utmost to produce it.

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Shaker Shutters with Trim

Shaker Shutters with Trim are an extension of our traditional Shaker Shutters. Designed for those who want to add a finishing touch, the addition of the decorative trim gives a refined look to the shutters.

Panels for Windows

Whether you prefer raised or Shaker style panels, these products are very popular in enhancing windows of any home. Some even use them as siding to their house.

Joint Covers for Mouldings and Boards

Joint Covers greatly facilitate the installation of cornice moldings. Moreover, they cover the openings that can sometimes occur between moldings over time when they lack adhesive or shrink during freezing weather. A must for wise installers!


Our soffits are now offered with a “Frontier” wood texture and with reduced vents for small spaces to ventilate. Although they can be ordered custom-sized, we now offer them in new standard sizes. Like all our other products, soffits can be painted in the color of your choice. Frontier soffits can also be stained in one of our 8 choices of “wood style” stain.

Dentil Blocks

Dentil Blocks developed this year are made to fit with AK-AZM-210 trim. A shaped model is offered so the moulding passes behind the block which makes the installation much easier.

Door and Window Mouldings

Our catalogue now includes two new models of door and window mouldings. The 6147 window sill is ideal for installation of decorative panels.

Cellular PVC Boards – New Sizes!

New standard board sizes are now offered to design your projects. We added the following sizes to our plan and Frontier boards (available in lengths of 9’ or 18’).

2 1/2″ x 3/4″

2 1/2″ x 1″

9 1/4″ x 1″

New Cortex Screws – Collated!

Cortex Screws are now available in 250 linear feet size with collated plugs which can be spray painted in plant by our team. Not only do the plugs hide the screws perfectly, but you won’t have to apply touch-up paint on site. Our clients are unanimous on this subject: The result is impeccable!